UKBA Inspections

When you make an application to the UK Border Agency to move to England, you must:

“Obtain an independent assessment of the number of rooms and occupants of the proposed accommodation. A report from a suitably qualified body certifying that a personal inspection has been carried out and giving details of accommodation inspected is usually acceptable for this purpose. Above all, the Entry Clearance officer must be satisfied that the accommodation will not become overcrowded within the definition of the Housing Act 1985 or that it will not contravene public health regulations.”

We will need to inspect the property to establish that it meets the required standards and that it would not become overcrowded by the person or persons wishing to enter the UK living or staying there.

The application can only support a spouse or family application and the property must be owned or occupied exclusively by you and your family. Rented accommodation is acceptable but must not be shared with members of another family.

What information will we need from you?

We require the name and age of everyone who lives in the property and also which bedroom they sleep in. You must include their relationship to you.

If you rent your property then we need the original tenancy agreement. Owner occupiers must supply an original mortgage statement from their lender. If the property is owned outright we will usually require a letter from your solicitor confirming that that is the case.

If you are living with a family relation, please provide a signed and dated letter from them stating you live at their property and they are happy for you and the applicant(s) to stay with them.